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Aucklands Favourite Karaoke Entertainment Hire system
(Most Popular)- $225 overnight

We have everything you need for great karaoke parties and the best entertainment value in town! We have all the latest hits – great for Kids karaoke parties, and of course the old school favourites.

This ‘HOME’ stand-alone party unit that’s great for up to 50-60 people in a small venue like at home, clubrooms or a small hall.  The HOME Karaoke set-up comes complete with Stereo speaker unit on the bottom, State of the Art CAVS JB199 Karaoke Machine and the easy-to-use keypad, including the best Karaoke music selection in NZ with approx10,000 songs. There is plenty to satisfy every age, genre and musical taste. Included is a singers TV on top and Microphones with leads. We just wheel it in, plug it in, it’s ready.  We can connect it to your own big TV as well if you’d like the audience to see the words and sing along.

We only use Quality Sound Systems which you can also use as a PA System for speeches. You can even connect an ipod or laptop – let us know and we will supply the connecting leads FREE.


The ‘HOME’ $205 Overnight  Mid-week is  Tuesday & Wednesday  (Excludes Public Holidays)

Midweek offer is not available between 22nd December and 5th January

Our Playlists are made for you, including Island Karaoke Songs, Spanish, Bollywood, Maori and Gospel Karaoke Songs. We only use reputable equipment for our rental karaoke systems.