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JB19II Premier – Available By Preorder Only



The Ultimate JB199II Premier priced from $3995 (500GB) Includes Free 1200 songs to start you off…
CAVS JB-199II Premier is truly dedicated for professional KJs who crave extreme performance with an independent control and raw power. Based on the Intel® Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology, JB-199 Premier combines KJ Control Panel and Digital Jukebox for a karaoke workstation.

The KJ Control Panel* comes with complete state-of-the-art features in song search, audio & video controls, and song programming, recording and monitoring.

Since it offers independent control, whatever is done from KJ Control Panel is not visible from the workstation, providing total access and freedom.

Get exceptional levels of performance and reliability for all your karaoke needs with an Intel® Pentium Dual Core and upgraded 1GB DDR2 memory. JB-199 II Premier also provides S-VIDEO output for better video quality, and Audio input for easy external recording.

*Monitor & keyboard are not included.

Cavs are renown Worldwide for producing the best Karaoke equipment on the market. That’s why we choose them for our Hire Systems.

Professional Dual Screen
With this option you can connect your own screen, keyboard and mouse to the JB199 and give yourself a workstation from where you can:

– Find songs by number, title or artist and programme them in order complete with singers name and key or tempo change requests

– Mix tracks from the hard drive or from CDG’s in the CD ROM drive together in the programme.

– Display the next singers name and song on the main screen

– Control sound tone and volume from the fuly featured equalizer

– Select between background video (built-in or your own,live or recorded), stills (same) or blue screen

– Do fancy loops and repeats for special effects

– Play scoring fanfares

– See whats happening on the main screen

– Record singer and song to hard drive for later burning to CD

– Put your MP3’s on the hard drive and programme in regular music as well with a no-gap mix between songs

A truly professional system for a truly professional show!

PLUS . . . Exclusive to my customers who want to capture their own CDG’s and VCD’s . . . . A compatible (and hard-to-find) Plextor DVD ROM drive. Not normally supplied with the unit but essential if you want to capture your own CD+G’s

Plextor DVD Rom Drive $300.00 ($NZ) Includes GST

The State of The Art CAVS JB199 Premier Karaoke players are a great machine for your Bar or venue and make great hire systems. They are robust, reliable and so easy to use. That’s why we use them in our Hire Systems.
Note: The JB199 Premier are available by order only – approx delivery time is 2 weeks from the time the order is placed. Prices include GST. Does not include Delivery


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